How to get your Microlight Licence with ARMAC

Flying a microlight is fun, safe and affordable.  With our own training aircraft and instructor you could soon be at the controls learning a skill that will change your life for ever.

How do I get a trial flight?

Contact us and we can organise a trial flight in the club's Bantam.

What is involved in getting a licence?

Our instructor will help sort you out with the paper work, medical forms etc. for your Novice Licence. Your local doctor can do the medical.

You will need to join one of the two Civil Aviation authorised microlight governing bodies, either S.A.C. or  R.A.A.N.Z.  As soon as your licence is issued you are ready to go.

Expect to spend 10-20 hours on dual instruction before your first solo. The more frequently you fly the shorter the time. 

After your first solo you will do more consolidation with your instructor.  You will spend more and more time on solo flights, but always under the guidance of an instructor. 

Once you have 25 hours flying time and are up to an acceptable standard (your instructor will tell you), you undertake a written examination and a flight test.  If successful you will gain your Intermediate Licence.  This lets you do local flying and gradually cross country flights (which must be approved by your instructor). 

After completing the cross country flight syllabus you should qualify for your Advanced Licence

An easy step then to your passenger rating and other ratings.

Do it now.  It will never be cheaper or easier than right now!